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 ​Know When to fold'em

 ......... And How.


How Should I Care for My Pocket Squares?

​​Silk Pocket Squares can be dry-cleaned, but CANNOT BE WASHED. While Cotton and Linen Pocket Squares can be Washed. Also, You must lay a cotton over your silk pocket Squares if you plan to press them. Cotton and Linen can be Pressed as normal. The dry-cleaners can get some stains out of silk pocket squares, but if it soiled ... prepare to replace it.

Should I wear a pocket square with every suit?

Yes. It is the finer details that are over looked. Pockets Squares even plain white ones are better than not having one at all. Pocket square's add that final classic touch to your appearance, clearly stating that the finer details are just as important to you as the major ones are.

​​Is the a specific fold for Silk and Cotton Pocket Squares?

No, But there are different folds that cotton and linen can hold that silk can not. For instance, cotton and linen will hold a sharp creased look while silk will not.

Is there correct size for a pocket square?

Not really, that is more of a personal preference. Typically, pocket square sizes range from 10x10 to 19x19. Anything larger than that is scarf!!! Our squares range between 12x12 to 15x15.

Is the suit jacket or blazer the only thing you can wear a pocket square with?​

No, You can wear them with vintage style vests and winter coats. If is has an over the heart pocket, put a square in it!!!

This is your place to get debonair tips, tricks and of course how to hold, fold, place and present your Don Adelle Pocket Square. Here we will cover everything from habidasury to ediquette, manly technology to manners.

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