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​  Where it all Began....

All Don Adelle Pocket Squares are individually handcrafted and American-made with a limited number of production per design. The pipeing and accent color are exclusive to the Don Adelle brand. Our fabrics are imported from around the world and are eco-friendly. Which add to the uniqueness, quality, prestige and individuality that comes with owning a Don Adelle Pocket Square.

Figuring that I was not the only man having this problem, I decided to document all that I learned about men’s style, (especially pocket squares) and share this information with others making the change from more casual to more business. That's when I decided to create and launch Don Adelle Hand Made Pocket Squares. I created a few prototypes, told a few friends (some who thought I was joking and laughed ... out Loud!!!) and asked them try it out and tell me what they thought. The feedback was great and they didn't want to return the prototypes. I took their feedback, and began to hone my newly learned craft. I refined my collection to include the best textures, materials and extraordinary patterns. Each of these handmade pocket squares is a limited edition (we also take custom group orders). I hope my personal frustration turned solution will be the solution to your personal frustration.

                                                                       By all means ... Enjoy.

As I crossed over from wearing jeans, tees and the occasional button-up shirt daily, to slacks, suits and Egyptian cotton dress shirts, I found a hole in my system of getting dressed every day. I was spending way too much time trying to get the final touch on the finest detail of my ensemble. As much as I love pocket squares, I had the worst time getting the right color, fold or texture. You wouldn't believe how many times I was late due to my effort to get it just right.

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