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The Back Story

As I made my cross over from everyday wearing jeans, tee's and the occasional and button-up shirt, to slacks, suits and Egyptian cotton dress shirts, I found a whole in my system of getting dressed everyday. I was spending way to much time trying to get the finial touch on the finest detail of my ensemble. As much as love Pocket Squares, I had the worst time getting it to fold or lay just right in the pocket. It seemed like every time I would get it just right ... I would have to pull out my finger, which would mess up the look and I would have to start all over again. You wouldn't believe how many times I was late to something trying to get it just right.


Figuring that I was not the only man to have this problem, I decided to create something that would make this process better and easier for me. That's when I developed the Perfect Pocket Square. I created a few prototypes, told a few friends (some who thought I was joking and laughed ... out Loud!!!) and let them test it out and tell me what they thought. The feed back was great, and they didn't want to return the prototypes. From there I finalized the design look and feel and went into production. I hope my personal frustration turned solution will be the solution to your personal frustration. 

                                                                              By all means ... Enjoy.

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